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[ ISHIKU ] Vodka Dispenser 1-2LI [per]

Copy | Always Mod
100% Custom
Original Mesh & Textures
● Vodka Glass Hold HuD 3.0
● Personal Wearable Vodka Bottle/ Glasses
● Vodka Spirits Display Kit (17 pieces) w/t Working Drink Dispenser
    Filled + Empty Glass | Texture Change Shotglass Holder | Bottle Packaging | Bottle Cap | Display Bottle Long/ Short | Dispenser Bottles

● Materials Enabled
● Self-Detach 10 Minute Timer 
● Dispenser Bottle Sound Effects
● Dispenser 🍸 Access Menu
[Owner has controls to set up who can use the Dispenser]

    Enter the user UUID only! To build your access list
   [ Open ] Allows All users, use of the Dispenser
   [ Whitelist ] Allows the Names on the list, use of the Dispenser
   [ Blacklist ] Denies the Names on the list, use of the Dispenser
List /Remove
    Whispers list to owner in nearby chat window, gives access to remove names listed